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Year 4 - Anglo Saxon Activities

To further our understanding of life as an Anglo Saxon, we made our own settlements out of Weetabix, card and straw! We then assumed a character, taking their Anglo Saxon name, before finding out their role in the community. This helped to bring our writing alive when we wrote character descriptions.


The Year 4 visit to the Great Hall and City Museum was a great way to further enhance both our historical enquiry skills as well as giving us a greater understanding of Anglo Saxon life. The children sequenced a number of historical periods into a timeline, made their own human ‘Round Table’, giving them an appreciation of its size, and then acted out The Sword InThe Stone story whilst dressed in Anglo Saxon clothing.


In science, we have been learning about the digestive process and using lego, snacks, tights, plastic bags and orange juice to create the digestive system from the teeth to the anus! The children were thoroughly engaged and squealed with delight as the lesson progressed!