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Parents & Visitors

Support for Parents

The information provided is intended to support parents if you have a worry or concern about your own child. The resources and links are to help parents and carers in a growing world of technology and increased changes in society. 


As a school we are always here to listen and if you have any concerns regarding another child, please speak to our Designated Safeguarding Leads. Alternaively you can get further advice and support from charities such as the NSPCC and Child Line.


Visitng our school

If you are a visiting parent/carer and are coming into school as part of a planned curriculum visit or meeting with a member of staff, please ensure you know and understand the following:


  1. When signing in at the school office, please remember to take a lanyard badge. Once you have finshed your time at school remember to return to the office to sign out. During larger events such as productions there will be a seperate signing in process.
  2. Mobile phones and devices to take photographs or videos should only be used during agreed times set by the senior leadership team. These may include school productions or presentations. In the event of you being allowed to use a device please listen carefully to the instructions given by a member of staff.
  3. If a child speaks to you about a concern or worry, listen and explain that you will have to tell an adult that works in school. Immediately, go to the school office and ask to speak to one of our Designated Safeguarding Leads.
  4. In the event of a fire or the fire alarm ringing, please exit at the nearest fire exit and go to the muster point on the road side of the playground (clearly signposted). 
  5. If you have any questions, worries or concerns please do not hesistate to speak to a member of staff, we are all fully safeguard trained and will be able to talk and support you.


How can I help my child feel safe?

We are living in an ever changing world and our children are faced with many life challenges that didn't even exist when we were children. Our school approach is 'our doors are always open'. If for any reason you are noticing changes in your child's behaviour and attitude and you are concerned it could be something that is making your child feel unsafe, please come and speak to us.


You can also obtain lots of information from the internet, local community groups and other forms of media. To help you find the most relevant and suitable information, please see the links below. 


I need help and am worried about my child?

As parents it is extremely challenging to know what is going on in our child's online world. As a school we promote open and regular conversations to enable our children to develop a safe and healthy knowledge of the online world. At home this can be more difficult with so many devices in the home. if you become increasingly concerned make use of the resources available.




General Guides for Devices & Tech

Websites that Support Safeguarding for your child

From time to time we can be as parents concerned about our child's well-being and want to ensure they grow up feeling safe, secure and happy. Seeking help or guidance is a key part of good parenting and the websites below will help you to find out more information where you may be concerned or worried about your child or another child.

Parental Guides for Games & Social Media