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Performance Data

Statutory Assessment in Primary

Within an academic year the school completes a series of assessments that help to inform us as to how our children are learning and celebrate the achievements they make against the national curriculum. To help you to understand our annual outcomes we have produced a report below outlining the core curriculum outcomes.


To support you with this please use the key provided:







GLD - Good level of Development. This is the measure for end of Early Years. Children either achieve emerging or expected.

RWM - This is a combined outcome measuring children's achievements in Reading, Writing and Maths.

SATs - Statutory Assessment Tests

GPS - Grammar, punctuation and spelling

EXS - Expected outcome for pupil at the key stage

GDS - Greater Depth - the child has exceeded key stage outcomes


Early Years Foundation Stage - End of Year Data

Throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage, children are assessed against the ‘Early Learning Goals’ as a continuation from on-going assessments in pre-school. Below is the information for 2023 compared against national and Hampshire.



Phonics Screening

National screening takes place in Year 1 and assess the children knowledge and understanding of phonics.

Any child who has not met the standard is routinely supported and then reassessed in Year 2.

Key Stage 1

In 2023, outcomes of Teacher Assessments for Key Stage 1 pupils at Weeke Primary School were as follows. Please use the coloured key to help you understand the comparisons between our school, Hampshire schools and nationally.



Children are assessed through Assessment for Learning strategies alongside having a KS1 national assessment to complete. The charts below show their outcomes in meeting expectation (EXS) or greater Depth (GDS)



Our very skilled and experienced staff assess the children's writing throughout their academic year against the Key Stage 1 objectives. As well as this we carry out internal and external moderation of writing.


Children are assessed through Assessment for Learning strategies alongside having a KS1 national assessment to complete. The charts below show their outcomes in meeting expectation (EXS) or greater Depth (GDS)


As a school and nationally, KS1 data is also evaluated through a combined English and Maths approach, showing the outcomes for children who will have achieved the national curriculum outcomes in all subjects.

English, Maths & Science Combined

The chart below shows the outcomes for children who achieved expected standard or higher in all subjects assessed.

If you require any further understanding on how we assess the children at the end of Key Stage 1 please use the link below:


Support for SATs - Parents



Key Stage 2

In May, all year 6 pupils complete end of Key Stage 2 tests. The results of these test are used to measure the individual progress a pupil has made in their time at primary school. Children are assessed in maths, reading and grammar and punctuation & spelling. Writing is assessed using teacher assessment of pupils’ writing over a number of pieces of work, measured against a list of statements. We also teacher assess Science against the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum. The table below shows the percentage of children achieving the expected standard and the percentage achieving a ‘high’ level of attainment. A pupil awarded a scaled score of 100 or more has met the expected standard in each test.


Below is the most recent end of Key Stage 2 tests, which took place in 2023.



Children are assessed at the end of the key stage with a Reading comprehension paper. This gives an outcome which is represented below as the percentage of chidlren who achieved the standard or higher and an average scaled score for that cohort.


In writing children are assessed throughout the key stage through teacher assessment alongside both internal and external moderating. Writing does not have a scaled score.


In Maths the children complete three assessment papers which cover mental arithmetic, fluency in maths and reasoning. 

Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling (GPS)

As part of the end of key stage assessment for pupils in Year 6 theyv complete two papers, one is a spelling assessment and the other a grammar and punctuation assessment.


A combined outcome is calculated from the Maths and English assessments alongside the writing teacher assessment.


At the end of Key Stage 2 teachers also assess the pupils knowledge, understanding and skills in Science. Our outcomes in 2023 were - 83% of children meeting or exceeding expectation.


If you wish to find out more about KS2 SATs please visit:


KS2 SATs - Parents Guide