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Starting new to school & English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Welcome to our school

At Weeke Primary school we value every child as an individual. This page is designed to inform and celebrate the range of cultures and languages we have in our school. From the slides below you can see the countires and languages our pupils arrive in the UK from. Through our inclusive approach we ensure that all pupils are welcomed, settled and thrive in their Primary experience.

We celebrate languages & cultures

“A child's first language provides the roots to learn additional languages, and parents should be encouraged to continue to use their home languages to strengthen and support their children's language proficiency as they join new environments.” Early Years Alliance.


New to school and the United Kingdom

Starting a new school can be a very challenging aspect of a child's life. If we consider how difficult this can be and then add the layer of having no or very little English. This can become daunting. 

At Weeke Primary we work closely with new families starting our school where English is an additional language. We want your child to feel safe, confident and not be affected too much by the langauge barrier.


When your child has had a place accepted the school office will contact you and explain the start to your child's time at school. Afterwhich the following steps will take place to help with the change and transition into a new school:

1. Time will be given to focus your child on building a positive relationship with the staff and children.

2. The Assistant Headteacher will work with the class teacher, child and if necessary the family to support settling into school.

3. If we feel your child needs further support we will contact EMTAS for them to be assessed in the first language.

4. After an assessment strategies and reosurces will be shared with the class teacher to improve and develop your child's English language.

5. Once these strategies have been put in place the class teacher or Assistant Head will arrange a meeting with parents to discuss next steps.


Supporting in school & at home

As a school we have a vast amount of experience and understanding to give your child the start to the education they need. Below are a range of resources that can be used at home and in school to build your child's capacity to grow and learn.



Where can I find more information?

Navigating your way through a different education system and with another language can be very difficult. Below are a few websoites that will help to guide you through and enable you and your child to have a positive start to their time at school.


Don't forget that you can change the language of our school webiste by clicking on the text at the top of the screen 'Change Language'



Understanding EAL | English as an Additional Language

A video which will help parents understand the approaches used in schools and the stages we go through to support your child.