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Committee Membership

Finance and Resources Committee

MembersRemit of Committee
* Ben McIntyre (Chair)
  • Ensuring the school operates within the requirements of the Local Authority’s Financial Management Scheme and Financial Regulations.

  • Planning, reviewing and monitoring the school budget.

  • Considering and approving recommendations on all financial aspects relating to personnel, curriculum and school premises.

  • Ensuring compliance with legislation and best practise regarding staffing matters, as outlined in the Local Authority Manual of Personnel Practice.

  • Monitoring Health & Safety arrangements.

  • Monitoring safer recruitment and safeguarding procedures.

* Sheila Alderson
* Sharon Gray
Jonathan Kirkham
*Charlie Pate
* Mac Miller (Vice Chair)
* Matthew Whitehead
*Pay Committee (non-staff members)

Responsible for:

  • Checking performance management arrangements are in line with the Performance Management policy.

  • Receiving annual report from Headteacher regarding recommendations for the teachers’ pay awards.

  • Receiving report from the Headteacher’s Performance Management group regarding recommendations for the Headteacher’s pay award.


Headteacher's Performance Management Committee

MembersRemit of Committee
Alison Sansome (Chair)
  • Reviewing Headteacher’s performance and setting annual objectives.

  • Identifying professional development needs/activities with the Headteacher.

  • Making recommendations to the governing body’s Finance and Resources committee in respect of performance point/s of salary.

Katy Francis
Matthew Whitehead


Learning and Wellbeing Committee

MembersRemit of Committee
Katy Francis (Chair)
  • Monitoring development of learning opportunities for the children.

  • Supporting well-being of staff and children.

  • Monitoring impact of performance management.

  • Reviewing provision for SEND and Pupil Premium children and reporting outcome to the Full Governing Body.

  • Monitoring behaviour, attitude and personal development of the children.

Sheila Alderson
Claire Anthony
Katie Garnett
May Glover-Poultney (Vice Chair)
Abby Goodchild
Jonathan Kirkham
Alison Sansome