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Culture of Reading

Our Reading Culture at Weeke

Our reading culture is fundamentally the heart of reading for our children. We believe all children should be able to access rich and interesting language through a range of text. In order for this culture to be successful we know that experience outside of a 'reading lesson' or phonics lesson' are essential. This is why the school has invested time and money into providing experiences around language and reading that are varied and engaging. 


Through a variety of approaches including; well stocked and accessisble libraries, WPSA Birthday Books, class reads, assemblies, author visits and much much more we know our children will read, hear and imagine the amazing world of books.


Below outlines our approach and daily diet of reading within our school beyond a lesson.

Reading for Pleasure

All children at Weeke Primary School are exposed to a vast range of reading experiences. We recognise that whether you are an independent reader or someone learning to read, the magic of reading is brought to life through enabling the children to access language, stories and facts. This is achieved through a combination of a strong and consistent reading curriculum as a well as a focus on reading for pleasure or enjoyment.



Reading comes at different stages and the acquisition of language can take some time for some children. With this in mind we ensure that books are carefully selected based on the level of language in the book, the age appropriateness and the interest level. We use reliable online resources and Hampashire Guidance to support our book selections within the curriculum.


When it comes to children selecting their own book for reading at home, our children regulalry visit the library and access carefully selected books from a rnage of donated, school purchased or loaned through Hampshire School library Service. 


If you need to find out more about our library and the Hampshire SLS please click here.


As well as the two well stocked libraries, teachers share books for reading in the classroom. These can be books linked to the curriculum, wider context of our world or memorable classics. Teachers use time within the school day to read to the whole class. This enables children to focus on the imagination, language and the positive impact on their well being.


Most recently we have introduced a 'Reading Zone' Hut. The hut gives children access during breaktime and lunchtime to select a range of books to read on their own, in a group or be read to by an older child. This relaxed, peer approach removes all worries or concerns about reading aloud and the children can focus on the enjoyment of reading or listening to reading.



Alongside the well planned curriculum in English children have a range of other opportunities across the curriculum to read. As well as the cross curricular links in all subjects and the access to a range of subject matter in the library, the children are encouraged to complete book reviews and other challenges such as bookopoly.


Children at Weeke Primary recognise the importance of reading and how it enables us to know and remember more at the same time as the enjoyment of reading.


Cultural Capital

At Weeke Cultural Capital and reading for pleasure go hand in hand. Our assemblies, specific reads across the whole school such as 'Christmas Read' and author visits, give children the opportunity to experience literature and language in a way they may not outside of school. 



We are very fortunate to have such an active and successful PTA. The WPSA have continually supported the school in ensuring our children have access to the best and most relevant books throughout the school. As a result our children can visit two well stocked libraries, have access to books in the classroom and contribute to the library through the 'Birthday book' scheme. This is where families can contribute a small amount each year and have a new book given to their child on their birthday. Afterwhich, the book comes back to the library for all to use.


As well as support from outside of the school budget, the school continually re-stocks and reveiws the content and quality of literature, contributing to the resources through our own school funding.