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Personal. Social, Health and Economic Curriuculum (PSHE)

PSHE Intent


At Weeke Primary School we are thinkers, active listeners and empathisers. Through PSHE, we teach the children to reach their full potential; emotionally, intellectually, morally and socially, so that they are able to succeed in other areas of the curriculum through the learned, transferable skills. The children become responsible, understanding and empathetic members of our school community, learning the ‘lessons of life’ needed to live a full and rewarding life through kindness, empathy and understanding of oneself and others.


We teach children to understand their own feelings and the physical sensations that go with them. We teach them that emotions happen to everyone and that how we deal with and talk about our emotions is up to us as individuals.


Our PSHE curriculum focuses on the whole child and celebrates the differences and similarities between us all aiming to instil confidence in each and every child to be true to themselves.

PSHE Implementation


At Weeke, we follow the SCARF scheme of work, covering all aspects under the national guidance for the PSHE curriculum. On top of this, we implement bespoke lessons that deal with issues as they arise in real time and in real life.


PSHE questions are often addressed in other areas of the curriculum with our English book choices frequently throwing up excellent situations for exploring aspects of the PSHE curriculum and science lessons highlighting our place within the wider world.


Displays in each classroom highlight positive learning values and a Growth Mindset that will be reinforced during PSHE sessions.


Lessons are scaffolded by the SCARF half termly units along with the knowledge of the life experiences of the class. Children are encouraged to give their views at the beginning of a topic to assess already held beliefs or knowledge.


Active learning is key, with real life situations central to children’s engagement and understanding of the issues. Many different teaching strategies are used:

  • Role play and drama
  • Small group and whole class discussion
  • P4C debates
  • Visitors and experts (where appropriate)
  • Active listening
  • Mindfulness


Our PSHE blueprint shows the steps taken when teaching the PSHE curriculum at Weeke:


PSHE Blueprint

PSHE in Early Years at Weeke

PSHE & RSE Overview (Brief)

PSHE & RSE Curriculum Overview (Detailed)

PSHE Impact

Floor books – whole class floor books are used to record the outcomes of PSHE lessons.


Assessment sheets from SCARF are used at the end of each topic to highlight those who have exceeded expectations and those who have struggled with the topic.


Following the implementation of the broad and balanced PSHE curriculum at Weeke Primary School, based around the SCARF resources and planning, children will be respectful, independent, responsible and confident members of society within our school and on into the wider world.


They understand how to maintain healthy and positive lifestyles with regard to relationships, diet and their own personal identity.


As they become more confident throughout the areas of PSHE and progress in the related skills, children will begin to carve their own role in the school, in society and in their ongoing lives.


Respect for themselves and of others must be the key impact of their PSHE learning, and the confidence to act accordingly!

What next for our pupils?

A proportion of our children in Year 6 go on to our local secondary school - Henry Beaufort. We work closely with our secondary schools to support the best possible transition not only for the whole children but to ensure their successful curriculum journey continues. This includes curriculum opportunties where we visit the school or we have specialist teachers come to teach our children key knowledge, skills and understanding.


To gain a further understanding of the next step in our children's learning journey please visit Henry Beauforts curriculum pages. Here you will see how the Primary curriculum at Weeke enables the children to continue to make progress in given subjects.


PSHE at Secondary