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Religious Education

Religious Education Intent



At Weeke Primary School, we are philosophers and communicators! Our intention is to open a door in the minds of our children to the beliefs of different people in the world and allow them to set their own ideas free. Religious Education is making sense of different beliefs about the world and our place in it. Through a curriculum created with enjoyment, expression and variation at its heart, the children’s knowledge and exploration of thinking builds progressively through learning journeys for particular religions but also through concepts across different religions.


Weeke Primary key values form the foundations for each learning journey. Children at Weeke Primary School are not afraid to tackle big ideas and offer their thinking to others. They learn to appreciate the diversity of belief within their peers, the school, the wider community and, ultimately, the World.


At Weeke Primary School we strive towards the enabling of individuals who are respectful and appreciative of views which differ from their own.