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September 2021 - Return to School Information

New term 2021 Arrangements

We hope all our families have enjoyed a break over the summer and look forward to welcoming you back to school on Monday.


In terms of COVID guidelines, we ask that if your child has any COVID symptoms, he/she remains at home until a test result is received. If a result is positive, isolation guidance must be followed. All staff will continue to take twice weekly lateral flow tests.


Timings of the school day

To ease congestion on the playground and to reflect children’s slightly shorter lunchbreak, we are staggering the start and end of the day so that EYFS and KS1 children start and finish slightly earlier than KS2 children. Older siblings of children in EYFS and KS1 can continue to come in at the earlier start time. Please note, adults collecting children will no longer have to leave the playground between collecting children in different year groups. We are no longer using the red gate – parents and carers can come in and out of the main gates.


  • EYFS & KS1 start time - 8:40am

  • EYFS & KS1 end of day - 3:20pm

  • KS2 Start time - 8:50am (the gate will close by 8.55am)

  • KS2 End time - 3:30pm


Entrance & Exit areas

  • EYFS - enter the school through the right-hand side hall door, collection in front of the hall doors

  • Year 1 – enter and exit the school through the left-hand side of the school hall, collection from outside the hall

  • Year 2 – enter and exit the school through the Y1/2 door on the far left of the building, collection by the pirate ship

  • Year 3 - Enter through the right-hand side hall door, collection by the gym equipment

  • Year 4 - Enter round the back of the school, collection on to the playground by the gym equipment

  • Year 5 - enter through the Upper KS2 door and exit through same door

  • Year 6 - Enter and exit through their own external classroom doors (far right of playground)


We encourage our older children to say their goodbyes at the gate and walk in to school independently.



Lunchtimes will continue to be staggered but there will be more mixing between year groups. Eating lunch in classrooms has been popular with older children and this also enables us to have more time for PE in the hall in the afternoons.


Children in EYFS, Y1 , Y2 and Y3 will eat lunch in the hall. Children in years 4, 5 & 6 will continue to eat lunch in their classrooms.


Children in EYFS, Y1 & Y2 will play together outside and children in Y3, Y4, Y5 & Y6 will play together outside.



  • All children will be starting on week 3 on the current menu from 6th September 2021.

  • Children moving to Year 3 will now need to pay online for school dinners at £2.50 per day, unless qualifying for pupil premium.


Break times

Break times in phases rather than year groups, so Y1 and Y2 will have break together, Y3 and Y4 will have break together and Y5 and Y6 will have break together.


School Uniform

Children will be expected to come to school wearing the correct school uniform. Our uniform list is available here:


PE Kit

From September 2021, we will be phasing in a change of PE tops – rather than a white T-Shirt, we will be asking children to wear a t-shirt in their house colour. However, if your child still has a white t-shirt, he/she can continue to wear this for PE until September 2022.


Children will be expected to come in to school wearing the correct PE school uniform for their PE days (starting from Monday 6th September). Different coloured hoodies, branded t-shirts and football shirts are not acceptable PE kit. Children in EYFS will be bringing their PE kit in with them to get changed in school, to support the EYFS curriculum expectations in the 1st half term.


PE days are as follows:

Year 1 - Wednesday and Thursday

Year 2 - Thursday and Friday

Year 3 - Monday and Tuesday

Year 4 - Wednesday and Friday

Year 5 - Monday and Wednesday

Year 6 - Monday and Friday


School Bags

Children are welcome to bring in small school bags to carry lunchboxes, water bottles etc. but do not need pencil cases / stationery as all items will be provided by school.