Weeke Primary School

Irresistible learning at the heart of the community

Governing Body Vision

Weeke will be a leading Hampshire primary school by 2022, offering engaging, inclusive & irresistible learning:-

  • where people (children & staff) thrive & grow,
  • where children are eager to learn,
  • where chidlren grow as confident, rounded, throughful and determined people, who will always strive to be their best.

Information About the Governing Body

The full governing body meets once each half term and all governors attend. There are also two sub-committees, plus an additional committee, which reviews the Headteacher's performance. Working groups are set up from time to time to review specific areas, as and when required. The Chair of Governors and Headteacher are members of all committees by virtue of their position.

Governor Newsletters are issued termly to keep parents informed of the school's achievements, the work of the governing body and any other relevant issues. Copies are sent directly to parents electronically, but can also be found on this website by clicking here.

Contacting the Governing Body

We welcome letters and value your comments. Letters to the governing body should be addressed to the Chair and handed in at the school office. If you have concerns relating to the day to day running of the school these should, in the first instance, be referred to the Headteacher.

Full Governing Body

All governors serve a 4 year term of office.

NameType of GovernorDate AppointedBusiness & Pecuniary Interests
Sheila Alderson (Chair) Local Authority 8th October 2017 Nil
Nathan Curtis Co-opted 15th July 2015 Nil
Katy Francis Parent 30 November 2017 Nil
Abby Goodchild Staff 21 September 2017 Employed at school
Ian Hardcastle Parent 9 December 2017 Nil
Claire Hollick Co-opted 6th October 2016 Nil
Michelle Loughrey Headteacher   Employed at school
Chris Parsons Co-opted 7th October 2015 Winchester Vineyard Church pastor
Nick Sadler (Vice Chair) Co-opted 7th October 2015 Employed by HCC
Alison Sansome Co-opted 24th May 2017 Nil
*Anthony Munden Associate 6th May 2015 Nil

*Not required to attend meetings – acts as adviser to governing body on buildings and maintenance issues


Upcoming Governor Meetings are listed below:

Full Governing Body:

  • 10th October 2018
  • 5th December 2018
  • 30th January 2019
  • 27th March 2019
  • 22th May 2019
  • 17th July 2019

Finance and Resources Committee:

  • 8th November 2018
  • 28th February 2019
  • 9th May 2019
  • 27th June 2019

Curriculum and Standards Committee:

  • 21st November 2018
  • 13th March 2019
  • 19th June 2019

Curriculum and Standards Committee

MembersRemit of Committee
Sys Aitkenhead (Chair)
  • Ensuring all children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, which is suited to their age, aptitude and ability.
  • Monitoring and evaluating standards, attainment & achievement of pupils.
  • Ensuring children’s safety at school by monitoring Child Protection arrangements.
  • Developing links with parents and the community.
  • Ensuring an accessibility plan is produced outlining how the school’s provision is accessible for pupils with disabilities.
Chris Parsons (Vice Chair)
Sheila Alderson
Katy Francis
Abby Goodchild
Jackie Illsley
Michelle Loughrey
Alison Sansome

Finance and Resources Committee

MembersRemit of Committee
*Claire Hollick (Chair)
  • Ensuring the school operates within the requirements of the Local Authority’s Financial Management Scheme and Financial Regulations.
  • Planning, reviewing and monitoring the school budget.
  • Considering and approving recommendations on all financial aspects relating to personnel, curriculum and school premises.
  • Ensuring compliance with legislation and best practise regarding staffing matters, as outlined in the Local Authority Manual of Personnel Practice.
  • Monitoring Health & Safety arrangements.
  • Monitoring safer recruitment and safeguarding procedures.
*Nathan Curtis (Vice Chair)
*Sheila Alderson
*Ian Hardcastle
Michelle Loughrey
*Nick Sadler
*Pay Committee (non staff members)
Responsible for:-
  • Checking performance management arrangements are in line with the Performance Management policy.
  • Receiving annual report from Headteacher regarding recommendations for the teachers’ pay awards.
  • Receiving report from the Headteacher’s Performance Management group regarding recommendations for the Headteacher’s pay award.

Headteacher’s Performance Review Group

MembersRemit of Committee
Nick Sadler (Chair)
  • Reviewing Headteacher’s performance and setting annual objectives.
  • Identifying professional development needs/activities with the Headteacher.
  • Making recommendations to the governing body’s Finance and Resources committee in respect of performance point/s of salary.
Claire Hollick
Sys Aitkenhead

Governors provide strategic leadership and accountability and have an important part to play in raising school standards. To ensure the Governing Body has the relevant expertise to carry out its core duties effectively, governors have been appointed with different skill sets. In addition, it is important for governors to be familiar with the school and its community. Decisions are the joint responsibility of the governing body, so individual governors do not act independently. Governors are appointed for a period of four years and may seek re-election if eligible. There are different categories of governor, but once appointed, governors are of equal standing.

Sheila Alderson

As well as being a parent of two children, I have four grandchildren, with whom I enjoy spending time. Prior to my retirement, I spent 40 years working in education and have experience of class teaching and management roles. I became a governor in 2008 and have found it exciting, and rewarding, to witness the developments that have enhanced teaching and learning at Weeke in recent years.

I am passionate about the educational opportunities we offer children. I want to see them reach their full potential and become confident, adaptable and eager to learn, whilst retaining happy memories of their time at school. I firmly believe that children are our future and it is the role of educators to ensure they are well prepared to make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead of them. I became a governor to support this important task.

Nathan Curtis

I was appointed as a co-opted Governor at Weeke at the end of the 2014-15 academic year. My elder daughter Zia started in Reception at Weeke in 2014 and my younger daughter Sienna is due to start there in September 2016.

I am a Partner in one of the UK’s leading independent law firms and have developed a broad range of business and legal skills that are directly applicable to my role as a Governor. As well as sitting on the full Board of Governors I also sit on the Finance and Resources Committee which oversees the school’s financial health. Weeke is a fantastic school that is central to the community in Weeke and I enjoy being a part of its governance as it develops the next generation of children.

Like many of my fellow Governors, I love living in Winchester and taking advantage of the opportunities for outdoor pursuits that the fabulous countryside around it offers.

Katy Francis

I have enjoyed watching my eldest two children flourish and grow at Weeke Primary School. During their time at the school I have been a parent volunteer, listening to readers and supporting school trips.

As my eldest child approaches the end of his primary education and my youngest is about to begin her journey I felt the time was right to support and influence the school further in a parent governor role.

I am passionate about offering all children the most engaging education possible in a safe, secure yet nurturing environment.

Abby Goodchild

I have worked at Weeke since September 2003, where I started as a Newly Qualified Teacher. In 2008, after five years teaching, I was appointed to the role of Deputy Headteacher. Alongside Ms Loughrey, I am responsible for leading teaching and learning across the school, with a focus on maths. Before becoming a teacher I worked as a recruitment consultant and also as a researcher for Tourism South East.

I love the positive ethos and atmosphere at Weeke. Our fantastic children love to learn, our creative staff team care about the children, are passionate about each child achieving their potential and having fun whilst they learn. Our families are hugely supportive and involved in school life – we have a great community. I hope that every child leaves our school having had a great education, feeling confident, valued, ready for secondary school and with some fantastic memories of their time at Weeke.

Ian Hardcastle

I was appointed as a parent governor in December 2017. I have two daughters at Weeke Primary and I hope my son will join the school in the 2019/2020 academic year.

I am an Investment Director at a national investment firm, but based in Winchester. I sit on the Finance and Resource Committee as a governor, which my professional career gives me a good insight in to.

My wife is an active supporter of the WPSA and was a pupil at the school, albeit a few years ago. As a family we love living in Winchester and supporting a school that is so close to us as a family.

Claire Hollick

I have been a parent governor since 2013, my daughter Isobel is now in KS2, I am also an active member of the WPSA, having been treasurer for the last few years.  I work part-time as a senior audit manager for a large firm of accountants, specialising in education clients (Universities, Colleges and Schools).  I bring to the governing body my finance, HR and governance expertise, as well as my knowledge of the wider education sector.

I really enjoy my role as it enables me to use my skills and experience to support the school in the best way I can.  I also enjoy singing with Winchester Community Choir, raising money for local causes through our concerts, and have helped Winchester Hockey Club on the finance side of a project and Winchester Basics Bank with their accounts.  When I can, I enjoy cycling and in 2014 I had fun participating in the Winchester Duathlon and Pedal Paddle Pace, as well as the London to Brighton ride.

Michelle Loughrey

After spending 13 years working in large inner-city schools in the London Boroughs of Newham and Lewisham, I moved to Hampshire to become the Headteacher at Weeke. I have been the Headteacher here since September 2013.

The Headteacher, by nature of the job, is always a member of the school’s Governing Body. With a background in music, I am passionate about the arts and the positive impact of creativity on children’s learning. My vision for Weeke is that it is respected and admired as a school of excellence because learning is irresistible; children develop a genuine life-long love of learning and every child flourishes.

Anthony Munden

Anthony has served as a governor in the past, but due to personal commitments was unable to continue in the full role. However, he continues to support the governing body as an associate governor. He practises as an architect, so his experience and advice are invaluable, particularly as there have been various building extensions and refurbishments at the school over the last few years.

Chris Parsons

I have 15 years experience in the technical sector as a computer programmer, consultant and trainer and have owned several software development and training businesses. Since 2012 I have also worked part time training and developing teams and leaders at Winchester Vineyard Church.

I have been involved in the school's life since our eldest son started at Weeke in 2008, and currently have two daughters at the school. I care about all children reaching their potential, no matter what their background or ability, especially in the fields of technology and social/leadership skills. I became a governor to help support this fantastic school as it works hard to achieve this for every child.

Nick Sadler

I have worked at a Local Authority for eight years, extensively with school admissions. I now work full time in school governance and I was appointed as a Co-opted governor in October 2015. Being a governor at Weeke Primary School gives me a chance to support the provision of education and schooling in Winchester where I have worked happily for eight years and I am excited by the prospect of making a difference to the education of children at the school.

I hope to bring to the governing body my knowledge and awareness of education conditions in both the local area and Hampshire. I also hope that my knowledge of governance will allow the governing body to ensure that children leaving Weeke Primary School are well prepared for the opportunities ahead of them.

I am a keen sportsman, enjoy running and I am involved with local football in my spare time.

Alison Sansome

I have had a senior executive career, with experience of service delivery, finance, personnel and leadership, mostly in the public sector and most recently at the Nursing and Midwifery Council. I was keen to become involved with local services and am delighted to have joined the governing body for such a positive and friendly school as Weeke. I very much support the aims of the school and passionately believe in providing children with the best opportunities to reach their potential, in an environment they will enjoy and which will give them fond and lasting memories of their formative schooldays.

I have one grown up son, now back at home following university, who has benefitted from good schooling in Hampshire. I am interested in gardening, cinema and the countryside.

Attendance at Meetings for Academic Year 2017/2018.

NameFull Governing Body
(6 meetings)
Finance and Resources Committee
(5 meetings)
Standards and Safeguarding Committee
(4 meetings)
Date AppointedDate Resigned
Sys Aitkenhead 5   3 20th May 2015  11 July 2018
Sheila Alderson (COG) 6 4 3 4th October 2017  
Nathan Curtis 3 3   7th October 2015  
Abby Goodchild 6   3 4th October 2017  
Claire Hollick 4 4   6th October 2016  
Jackie Illsley 4   2 1st February 2017  
Michelle Loughrey 5 4 3    
Louise Pagden (resigned) 0 of 1   1 of 1 2nd November 2015  1st December 2017
Chris Parsons 3 1 of 1 2 of 2 7th October 2015  
Chris Penner (resigned) 1 of 1 1 of 1   16th December 2016 14th November 2017
Nicholas Sadler 5 4   7th October 2015  
Alison Sansome 6   1 of 2 24th May 2017  
Anthony Munden * 0 0 0 20th May 2015  
New Governors this academic year
Katy Francis 4 out of 4   2 out of 2 30th November 2017  
Ian Hardcastle 3 out of 4 3 out of 3   9th December 2017  
Ray Hillyer 1 out of 1     23rd May 2018  

*Not required to attend meetings – acts as advisor to governing body on buildings and maintenance issues. Associate governors do not have voting rights.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Governing Body

The Governing Body is responsible for working with the school to ensure it delivers a good quality education for its pupils. It has a wide range of strategic responsibilities covering all aspects of school life.  The operational management of the school is the responsibility of the Headteacher and governors do not become involved with this.

The Governing Body has three core functions, as described by the Department for Education:

  1. Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  2. Hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils and Performance Management of the staff
  3. Oversee financial performance of the school and ensure its money is well spent.

Governors also undertake a number of other important duties to ensure their statutory responsibilities are met. An overview and further information can be found by clicking here.