This week at a school in Winchester…

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1 December 2017

Phoenix (Year 1) for always being thoughtful towards other children, delightful to have in class and able to make sensible decisions

Daniel (Year 1) for being reliable and so keen to share his ideas and his learning with others in the class

Ehan (Year 1) for always having a big smile on his face and for confidently performing some drama to the rest of his year group

Lucy (Year 2) for trying so hard and for achieving so much; Lucy’s super handwriting this week has shone through in all of her work

Marcus (Year 2) for working really hard on his handwriting; he has cracked it!

Ethen (Year 3) for showing an increasing maturity in his work and behaviour He is a great role model in class and a friend to everyone

Ben (Year 3) for making such fantastic progress in his flute lessons; Ben confidently played the flute during the music evening despite only having a few lessons

Meghan (Year 4) for her super writing in Literacy; she wrote a fabulous letter as an evacuee

Summer (Year 4) for always having a great big smile on her face and showing perseverance.Summer also overcame her nerves by talking in assembly

Belanna (Year 5) for working really hard towards the play, for demonstrating some amazing gymnastic skills and for excelling in her maths work

Tegan (Year 5) for really being a great role model for others. Tegan puts 100% into everything she does

Leah (Year 6) for demonstrating independence in her learning and for being a brilliant role model to others; Leah gives 100% and never complains

Peter (Year 6) for his excellent work in maths and for tackling everything he’s been asked to try. In the year 6 assembly, he did a great job delivering his lines.