This week at a school in Winchester…

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16th March 2018

Jude (Holly) for demonstrating bravery and perseverance. Jude has produced some super work this week.

Charlie (Holly) for brilliant maths learning, and for always smiling.

Zain (Rowan) for persevering when working on his maths despite having a bit of a wobble with it earlier in the week.

Lizzie (Rowan) for consistently working hard and always smiling.

Lara (Yew) for working hard, for being resilient and doing a great job.

Kian (Yew) for concentrating well, always smiling and for producing some fantastic art work.

Daniel (Willow) for being a quick worker in literacy and writing a fabulous story.

Ruari (Willow) for really focussing well on his learning and taking his responsibilities seriously – also for always smiling!

Kit (Elm) for having a fantastic attitude and for really impressing his teacher.

Marit (Elm) for making super improvements in her reading.

Eleanor (Larch) for continued perseverance and for being so reliable.

Josh (Cherry) for being a fantastic role model and having a brilliant attitude towards his work.

Florence (Cherry) for taking great pride in her work, and for being a super role model to others.

Alex (Maple) for really making big steps in his learning – his writing is coming on leaps and bounds!

Thea (Maple) for really showing fantastic progress in her maths and her writing and for always being kind and helpful.

Neve (Beech) for keeping going with her learning and for being a brilliant role model to others.

Matthew (Cedar) for being helpful and thoughtful and for having a really positive attitude to getting on with his work.

Louis (Cedar) for making excellent progress in his maths and for always challenging himself.

Samuel R (Sycamore) for persevering with his acting at The Globe, and producing a great performance.

Sam S (Sycamore) for taking on two roles and doing them amazingly with no support.

Kieran (Pine) for always being a lively spark in every lesson – he also put his great acting voice to the test in his Shakespeare performance.

Sienna W (Pine) for always being responsible and helpful.