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This week at a school in Winchester…

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13 October 2017

Barney (Holly) for showing such enthusiasm in his learning and always asking brilliant questions

Jin (Rowan) for some really amazing maths and for being a super role model, with a lovely smile

Summa (Willow) for being incredibly focused on her learning and very helpful

Jessica (Yew) for giving 100% in class and for being helpful

Cameron (Larch) for being calm, focused, for putting in such a lot of effort into his work and for being an all-round super role model

Toby (Elm) for consistently being polite and hard working

Jess (Maple) for having a smile on her face all week, for increasing in her confidence and producing some excellent work, particularly in Literacy

Felix (Cherry) for showing great perseverance, even when tackling a challenge

Viggo (Beech) for having a big smile on his face all week, for putting his hand up and being really engaged in his learning

Phoebe (Cedar) for being really focused on her learning and consistently being a great role model

Oscar (Sycamore) for demonstrating an excellent attitude to learning, for being dependable and a hard worker

Amy (Pine) for being a really good friend towards others, for always having a lovely smile on her face and for having a brilliant start to Year 6