This week at a school in Winchester…

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20th July 2018

Rebecca (Y1) for being a super all-rounder.

Morgan (Y1) for brilliant reading and writing.

Toby (Y2) for excellent reading.

Zoe (Y2) for catching up brilliantly with her work.

Jacob (Y3) for always persevering in class even when he finds it hard. Jacob avoids distractions, is friendly to everyone and demonstrates good sportsmanship.

Megan and Joe (Y3) for always doing the right thing and working really hard.

Florence (Y4) for really standing out in her DT lesson; she explained how she was going to make her toy move.

Jess (Y4) for demonstrating growing resilience; Jess didn’t give up when something went wrong in her DT project.

Isla, Phoebe, Libby and Neve (Y5) for organising a bake sale and raising money for nets to protect people from mosquitos.

Adam B (Y6) for growing in confidence throughout the year; his performance in ‘Oliver’ blew his teachers away!

Ella (Y6) and Laura (Y6) for sharing their amazing acting and singing skills with us throughout the ‘Oliver’ production.