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The Curriculum at Weeke Primary School

At Weeke we aim to provide our children with a successful and memorable educational experience. A set of strong core values underpins all that we do and we take pride in inspiring our children to make good or better progress. To achieve both high academic standards and a love of learning, we know that children need to enjoy a rich and diverse range of experiences in a caring and respectful atmosphere. We recognise the importance of capturing the energy and enthusiasm of children at an early age. Our creative teachers deliver an innovative, enquiry based curriculum which, when combined with enrichment opportunities and extensive extra-curricular activities, creates a stimulating learning environment where every child can flourish.

In Year R children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, where teaching and learning activities are planned to meet each child's educational needs in helping them achieve the Early Learning Goals. The Early Years Foundation Stage prepares children for the National Curriculum, usually when they begin Year 1, but this may be sooner. From year 1, all children in school follow the National Curriculum, which is divided into core and foundation subjects. The core subjects are English, Mathematics, Science and Computing. The Foundation Subjects are Design Technology, History, Geography, Art & Design, Music, Religious Education, PE and Spanish.

You can view government guidance on the various stages of the National Curriculum by clicking the links below:

What underpins our curriculum and what does it look like in our school?

Our Values

Our core values of respect, kindness, excellence, community and responsibility shape classroom routines, behaviour expectations, reward system and our curriculum. At Weeke we know that a nurturing and supportive atmosphere is crucial to successful learning. For examples of how we celebrate and reward effort and achievement across the curriculum, see our Shooting Stars page.

Through our core values, we aim to give children the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to develop as confident, healthy and independent individuals. At Weeke we promote British values and prepare children for life in modern Britain.

Achievement For All

At Weeke Primary School we believe that through variety and a range of opportunities we can meet the needs of each child. To achieve this, teachers use a range of teaching strategies and provide a range of learning opportunities. These include whole class teaching, group/guided teaching, individual teaching and independent self directed activities. Teachers ensure that there is a balance between the introduction of new ideas/skills and the practise, consolidation and application of what has previously been taught. Through careful planning and preparation, based on assessment, teachers ensure that all children are challenged at the appropriate level. During lessons, children are encouraged to move on to the next step if they feel confident and teachers know they are secure in their understanding; we have high expectations of all our children.

Core Skills

Learning to read, write, solve problems and understand the world around us are essential life skills. We work hard to ensure key skills are taught both explicitly but are also embedded throughout our curriculum, linking learning areas together and ensuring children understand the purpose of their learning. We are passionate about developing children's enjoyment of learning across all subjects and work hard to ensure children are enthused and excited about their curriculum. Please refer to the Literacy and Maths sections on our website to find out more about how we teach these subjects.

Creativity, Enrichment and Enjoyment

Learning at Weeke is fun! Our exciting and creative curriculum makes learning more relevant and appealing to children as natural and appropriate links are made between subject areas, children's own interests and real life situations. By making cross curricular links, children's experiences are developed and learning becomes more purposeful and relevant. Children are also able to consolidate their learning by continuing to use skills and experiences in one area of learning to help them make progress in another. Our curriculum is not static but changes to reflect current issues and interests. Whole school themed days, exciting topics, varied teaching styles and techniques are used to engage, inspire and motivate children to learn. Our curriculum encourages children to explore, listen, talk, discuss, debate, think, evaluate their own/others work, investigate and apply learning, engage in first hand experiences, make links and make and learn from mistakes. Click here to see examples from our creative curriculum.

Technology, Computing and IT

Integrating technology throughout our curriculum is given high priority with each classroom having the use of an interactive whiteboard and access to laptops, iPads, iPods, programmable robots and digital microphones. Our four new classrooms have state of the art large digital touch screens. We also have a 'Discovery Centre' which houses our Library, a whiteboard and 16 computers. eSafety is also integral to our Computing curriculum; children in every year group are taught about the importance of staying safe on line. Click here to find out more about staying safe on line.

Questioning and enquiry

Through asking children questions, children questioning each other and their teachers, we assess children's knowledge and understanding. We use questions to challenge and develop children's learning, to support understanding and to promote curiosity. Our staff are trained in P4C (Philosophy for children) and enthusiastic in applying it across the curriculum. P4C has impacted positively on pupils' levels of resilience, confidence and independence, particularly when they tackle challenging activities. Pupils are encouraged to explore, debate and explain across the curriculum.

Our Community

Parents, families and the wider community enhance our curriculum in numerous ways. Local events and issues which are of interest to the children form part of curriculum topics and visitors to the school enhance learning. Our curriculum provision is enhanced through excellent partnerships with local schools, colleges, businesses and sports clubs, providing children with opportunities for further challenge, to see how businesses operate and enable children to experience expert coaching. Parents and carers regularly participate in school curriculum events, such as year group assemblies, classroom drop ins and as 1:1 readers. Many of our parents and carers also run clubs for the children; from books clubs to cross country running. The WPSA are a dedicated team of parents and carers who work with the school to support key school projects, enhance curriculum resources and support the funding of children's enterprise projects. Children enjoy fundraising for a range of charities. Pupil groups such as the School Council, Sports Leaders, Playground COPS and Junior Road Safety Officers support, lead and represent all the children in the school.

Learning Environment

We have a fantastic learning environment at Weeke. Fourteen spacious classrooms, a practical teaching area, Discovery Centre, hall and a large amount of outdoor space enable us to make the most of learning opportunities. Our extensive playing fields are bordered by trees, a pond and conservation area at the back of the school, including a 'woodland' seating area which is used as an outdoor classroom. Plans are in the pipeline to further develop our field.

Offsite Trips and Visits

Throughout their time at Weeke, our children experience an exciting range of trips and visits; these are linked to the curriculum, have a clear educational purpose and are also carefully tailored to the age and experience of the children. Examples of trips include a visit to Bournemouth beach and Oceanarium (year R), a visit to Milestones (year 1), a field trip to Southsea (year 2), a trip to Sunrise Bushcraft Centre (Year 3), a trip to Laverstoke Park Farm (Year 3), a World War 2 'evacuation' (Year 4), a visit to Winchester Cathedral (Year 5) and a visit to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London (Year 6). Children have plenty of opportunities to visit the local area and in years 5 and 6 children experience residential visits (two nights in year 5 and 4 nights in year 6).

Our Staff

Teachers and support staff with range of experiences and backgrounds bring a wealth of ideas and experience to the school. Teachers' own subject expertise and coaching from visiting experts further enhances our provision. When teachers plan topics together, they draw on each other's expertise and share ideas and resources, enabling children to have similar high quality experiences across a year group or phase. Weeke benefits from highly skilled staff who are particularly adept at planning a creative curriculum using innovative ideas to connect subject areas. Teachers make careful assessments and records of children's attainment and progress; information is shared through parent consultations and an end of year annual report.

What do others say about our curriculum?

“Our children are making excellent progress whilst thoroughly enjoying school life”. (Parent Questionnaire 2015).

"Programmes of work are exceptionally well adapted to meet pupils’ needs. The activities are very motivating and inspire pupils to work hard." (Ofsted 2015).

Please contact the school if you would like further information on the curriculum at Weeke Primary School.