Weeke Primary School

Achievement For All



Stars of the Week

  • Will M (Ash) for doing an amazing write about big hero 6
  • Jacob (Oak) for working hard all year
  • Thea W (Holly) for being an all-round superstar!
  • Alex and Will (Rowan), Alex for being fantastic and Will for improving his behaviour massively
  • Jessica (Yew) for amazing P4C
  • Ellie (Willow) for being an all round super star
  • Charlie K (Elm) for extra effort in his work
  • Flynn, Sam, Oscar (Larch) for really good behaviour and being great role models
  • Ruby (Larch) for consistently good behaviour and for her super owl impression!
  • Ashani (Cherry) for always being neat and tidy
  • Camilla (Maple) for some brilliant literacy work and Aimee (Maple) for some excellent division
  • Joshua (Cedar) for writing an amazing limerick
  • Fin (Beech) for starting the play off so well
  • Yr 6 – all of our year 6 cohort for being amazing!