Weeke Primary School

Achievement For All



Stars of the Week

  • Jacob B (Ash) for demonstrating increased confidence this week and not being afraid to try something new
  • Maddie (Oak) for demonstrating such a fantastic creative side – she’s worked on some amazing art and construction as well as singing beautifully
  • Isaac (Rowan) for persevering and giving 100% to his Literacy and having a really positive attitude to school
  • Felix (Willow) for some super reading and for such enthusiasm when it comes to books!
  • Daniel D (Yew) for working hard and showing determination in getting his work finished on time
  • Mateo (Larch) for producing some excellent work in Literacy
  • Oscar B (Elm) for always being helpful and supportive without even having to be asked
  • Samuel R (Maple) for showing such a positive attitude towards his Literacy and a determination to complete his work
  • Flynn (Cherry) for trying really hard with his writing, using excellent description including similes and metaphors
  • Shahan (Cedar) for concentrating really hard on his art work and creating an amazing picture of a plant with a lot of detail
  • Adam (Beech) for a super attitude towards his learning, particularly his maths
  • Amelia (Pine) for demonstrating fantastic acting talents as Lady Macbeth, showing a passion for this work and producing some amazing writing
  • Abi W (Sycamore) for being resilient in her learning but knowing when to ask for help, for always smiling and consistently working really hard
  • Eleanor B (Holly) for working really hard in all her lessons and showing a significant improvement with her phonics.