Weeke Primary School

Achievement For All



Stars of the Week

  • Eleanor (Oak) for developing her confidence
  • Sam (Ash) for producing some fantastic work in literacy
  • Isla (Rowan) for some great work in subtraction and for writing a super story in Literacy
  • Elliot (Holly) for some magical moments, being kind and trying hard in maths
  • Thomas (Willow) for making super notes about Florence Nightingale and then writing a fantastic story
  • Isaac (Yew) for using some outstanding vocabulary in his writing and producing a brilliant information text
  • Freddie (Elm) for always joining in, working hard and having a great attitude to learning
  • Oliver (Larch) for a super attitude towards his maths work and for some excellent behaviour
  • Jesse (Cherry) for thinking hard and improving his maths
  • Chelsey (Maple) for consistently trying her best, working really hard and having a great attitude towards school
  • Chloe (Pine) for demonstrating excellent sportsmanship
  • Zach (Beech) for showing a brilliant attitude to school and learning, being really helpful and for demonstrating exceptional behaviour
  • Cerys (Sycamore) for tackling a classic text during guided reading and for demonstrating great sportsmanship