Weeke Primary School

Achievement For All



Stars of the Week

  • Cassius (Ash) for having such a brilliant attitude to learning, making good progress and sailing through the week.
  • Esme (Oak) for consistently super behaviour and effort with her work, for being really helpful and being a really good friend.
  • Alfie (Holly) for having such a positive attitude to learning and being really engaged and enthusiastic.
  • Ffion (Rowan) for being so very kind to others; the children in the class voted for Ffion to be shooting star this week.
  • Florence (Yew) for giving 100% to everything this week, practising her spellings every day and for supporting her friends.
  • Will (Willow) for demonstrating sensible behaviour, always making the right choices and focusing well.
  • Felix (Larch) for being a fantastic mathematician and trying really hard to improve his presentation.
  • Katie (Elm) for some amazing maths, answering many questions and really focussing well.
  • Gabriella (Cherry) for producing some fantastic writing and for concentrating and working hard on play rehearsals.
  • Caelan (Maple) for taking on a role in the play which he wasn’t initially confident about, overcoming this and really getting stuck in with lots of enthusiasm.
  • Saffi (Cedar) for concentrating well and producing a fantastic, realistic painting of a boat.
  • Seb (Beech) for being simply fantastic! Seb is a great role-model for others.
  • Abi (Pine) for being sensible and mature; when a younger child was upset, Abi went over to help them which was really kind.
  • Leo (Sycamore) for amazing us with his maths and trying his best with his writing.