Weeke Primary School

Achievement For All



Stars of the Week

  • Rebekah (Ash) for completing some amazing addition using Numicon in maths.
  • Eva (Oak) for investigating place value with Numicon and going home to explain it to her dad.
  • Harvey (Rowan) for making the correct choices and helping other children in literacy.
  • Fraser (Holly) for working really hard and achieving super success in maths.
  • Fraser was also nominated by his friends.
  • Joe (Yew) for being independent in his writing.
  • Max (Larch) for working hard and for producing a super PowerPoint about the pizzas the Y3s made.
  • Isabel (Elm) for working hard and giving 110% effort.
  • Charlie (Cherry) for making sensible choices, being enthusiastic and having a positive attitude.
  • Shahan (Cherry) for a lovely positive attitude and for making excellent progress.
  • Olivia (Maple) for working hard, giving some great feedback in class and conducting herself well in P4C.
  • Eleanor (Maple) for some great achievements as a member of the school council.
  • Emilia (Cedar) for persevering with her writing about ‘The Piano’.
  • Will (Cedar) for knowing what needs doing in his work and for being incredibly helpful.
  • Elijah (Beech) for producing some really impressive writing and art work, making a link to work the next day.
  • James (Sycamore) for some brilliant work in maths, using his initiative, and for a lovely, positive attitude and behaviour during our trip to The Globe in London.
  • Chloe (Pine) for being a good friend and for working hard in Literacy.