Weeke Primary School

Achievement For All



Stars of the Week

  • Noah P (Oak) for always trying his best
  • Kate S (Oak) for being a 100% hard worker and being very helpful
  • Honor S (Ash) for being very mature and helping others
  • Elspeth S (Holly) for her hard work and improvement in Maths
  • Lexi P (Rowan) for working very hard and being helpful around class
  • Alfie J (Rowan) for being a super explorer at Pinsent
  • Isabel C (Yew) for her consistent hard work, using her initiative and helping friends
  • Samuel S and Oscar R (Willow) for their amazing leaflets about Year 2’s visit to Southsea
  • Adam H (Larch) for his amazing pirate work
  • Chloe (Larch) for being a great guest from Italy
  • Camilla E (Elm) for being kind, helpful and an all-round superstar
  • Rebecca S (Cherry) for being a great friend and supporting other pupils in her class
  • Isabel W-A (Cherry) for being an all-round superstar
  • Tobey F (Maple) for his great debate work
  • Calum P (Cedar) for being a very enthusiastic class member
  • Isla W-S (Beech) for growing in confidence and lovely singing
  • Bradley J (Beech) for being brave
  • Archie E (Sycamore) for always doing his best in class and his amazing organisation for the school play
  • Tom F (Pine) for his great performance in the school play and support for the School Council