Weeke Primary School

Achievement For All



Stars of the Week

  • Charlie (Oak) for his brilliant number work. Charlie was practising his doubling and was exploring really big numbers using a calculator.
  • Isobel (Ash) for being really polite and helpful. She has also been recording her brilliant doubling work in maths.
  • Evelyn (Holly) for demonstrating determination with her work, for being a helpful friend and for writing some amazing sentences using conjunctions and adjectives.
  • Toby (Rowan) for some brilliant, creative thinking this week and also some excellent fractions work.
  • Summer (Willow) for always having such a positive attitude, for being so cheerful, kind and polite and helping out her friend who was upset.
  • Thea (Yew) for making brilliant progress with her spellings.
  • Thomas (Larch) for concentrating so well in class and making really sensible decisions.
  • Fin (Elm) for working hard in all his lessons and for his positive attitude towards settling in to a new school and making new friends.
  • Tommy (Maple) for his brilliant effort with learning his lines for the play and making the role his own.
  • Oliver (Cherry) for his positive attitude to school and his learning. Also for always being in the right place at the right time!
  • Jack (Cedar) for his enthusiasm in maths – particularly with some tricky fractions. He is always so determined and won’t stop till he gets it right.
  • Eve (Beech) for her wonderful creativity and for being really independent in her learning, making improvements by herself.
  • Tegan (Pine) for consistently being kind and funny. In her written debate she worked really hard and managed to include some really complex punctuation.
  • Josh (Sycamore) for producing some really excellent writing and working so hard.