Parent Questionnaire

Weeke Primary School

Achievement For All



Stars of the Week

  • Isaac (Ash) for being so keen, organised and having great ideas
  • Archie (Oak) for giving a great speech about woolly mammoths and using great words
  • Millie (Rowan) for making great choices, working hard and achieving 5 out of 5 in her spellings
  • Alex (Holly) for being a delight in class and trying really hard in his writing
  • Elkin (Holly) for making so much progress in all his subjects and trying really hard to learn
  • Phoebe (Yew) for carrying out some great "Smartie" maths
  • Imogen (Yew) for some great ‘Smartie’ maths
  • Archie (Willow) for sharing his excellent ideas in Literacy
  • Ella (Larch) for writing a super auto-biograghy and being a good friend
  • Redford (Elm) for some super maths and whizzing through his work
  • Ben (Cherry) for some excellent writing about fairgrounds, for checking his targets and editing his work
  • Jack (Maple) for producing some great literacy and having a really positive attitude to learning
  • Dan (Beech) for having a great attitude to all his learning
  • Will (Cedar) for some excellent work in maths
  • Tom (Pine) for some excellent debating in class
  • George (Pine) for producing some excellent writing in his discussion text and for making some great plaited bread
  • Imogen (Sycamore) for showing confident debating skills and producing some lovely bread