Weeke Primary School

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Shooting Stars

  • Ruby (Year 1) for being confident, brave, sharing all her ideas and doing some super work around the school value of curiosity.
  • Maria (Year 1) for super work around the theme of curiosity. Maria also demonstrates a really enthusiastic and positive attitude to her learning.
  • Robert (Year 2) for trying really hard and persevering to finish his work.
  • Tom (Year 2) for demonstrating amazing maths skills; he really persevered to solve some tricky tasks.
  • Younus (Year 3) for being a great team player and for being really helpful. He has also been an excellent role model in our learning values day.
  • Sophie (Year 3) has been a super star this week. In everything she does, she never stops until she completes the task.
  • Honor (Year 4) for staying really focused and being an amazing role model.
  • Felix (Year 4) for demonstrating perseverance, helpfulness and resilience. He has tried so hard to achieve his goals.
  • Ellie (Year 5) for having such a great attitude towards school life. She made paper stars and was so patient and determined.
  • Katie (Year 5) and Aisling (Year 5) for persevering in the card castle building activity. They both worked so hard together to achieve the final outcome.
  • Albert (Year 6) for being well-mannered, polite and quiet. He listens to others and he also did amazingly with the tasks that he was given.
  • Ewan (Year 6) for being a great role model. He’s kind, helpful, works hard and always perseveres.
  • Emily and Rebeka (Holly) for being kind, listening well to others and being super friends to each other and other children in the class.
  • Lucy (Rowan) for always persevering; Lucy keeps going until she solves a problem! She is also kind and helpful towards others.
  • Sienna (Yew) for showing such a wonderful improvement in her reading and writing; she includes the vocabulary she has read in her writing and has a super imagination.
  • Alfie (Willow) for demonstrating perseverance in his maths work. Alfie also looks out for other children and is an excellent role model.
  • Ben (Larch) for always taking things in his stride, for being reliable and for always offering to help others.
  • Rishen (Elm) for always smiling, having lovely manners and creating a brilliant descriptive piece of writing about volcanoes.
  • Imogen (Maple) for demonstrating her super imagination in her work, for being courageous and for being an excellent role model.
  • Tom and Noah (Cherry) for being great role models to others, for taking pride in their work and for looking out for each other.
  • Jacob (Beech) for consistently making the right choices and having a positive attitude; Jacob is a great role model.
  • Toby (Cedar) for demonstrating impeccable manners, for being thoughtful, kind and positive.
  • Zephaniah (Sycamore) for coming in to school with some super home learning and for making great progress in his times tables.
  • Catherine (Pine) for producing some excellent writing, for being focussed and always having a brilliant attitude towards her learning.