Weeke Primary School

Achievement For All



Stars of the Week

  • Ethan and Evelyn (Oak) for excellent attitudes to learning on our trip; Ethan was fascinated by bees and Evelyn asked some great questions
  • Younus (Ash) for making lots of effort and giving some brilliant answers in maths
  • Bella (Holly) for helping the teacher and working hard on the school trip
  • Keziah (Rowan) for using some super similes in her writing
  • Amelie (Yew) for a lovely positive attitude and for writing some super sentences about time machines
  • Alfie (Willow) for always having a lovely smile and for working his socks off, having so many ideas and improved times tables knowledge
  • Iona (Elm) for being really polite, demonstrating good manners and for being keen and determined
  • Amy (Larch) for being a fantastic member of the class and producing some great maths and Literacy
  • Ellen (Cherry) for persevering and producing some great work in maths
  • Yousef (Maple) for showing a real improvement in his Literacy
  • Nina (Maple) for playing her musical instruments well and for working hard in music
  • Lauren (Beech) for making amazing progress in her swimming and for doing so well at the swimming gala
  • Joey (Cedar) for calm but steely determination to achieve in our torture tables challenge
  • Sasha (Sycamore) for being a super star, working hards on her maths but also focusing well on her Literacy
  • George (Pine) for improving his accuracy in his maths and science work