Weeke Primary School

Achievement For All



Stars of the Week

  • Talia (Ash) for a lovely, positive, bubbly attitude and for using some excellent descriptive words in her writing
  • Finn (Oak) for suggesting some excellent word choices
  • Katie (Holly) for really focussing hard on her maths work and producing some fantastic work
  • Bethan (Holly) for reading her story aloud beautifully and remembering all the words
  • Wilson (Rowan) for working so hard in everything and giving 100% effort, what a great role model
  • Hannah (Willow) for being very kind, helpful and producing some lovely Literacy work
  • Sienna (Willow) for some fantastic maths and giving 100% until she cracks it
  • Oliver (Yew) for really trying to focus and reach his potential
  • Nancy (Larch) for writing a really clear instructional text and for being a great role model in the class
  • Eleanor, Alyssa and Elizabeth (Elm) for showing great perseverance and determination in lighting their fire
  • Jess (Maple) for demonstrating an excellent attitude and giving 100% effort in class
  • Alec (Cherry) for an amazing solo performance and for being confident and inspirational
  • Oliver and Cerys (Beech) for both having such a positive attitude towards everything and always having a smile on their faces
  • Samuel (Cedar) for some fantastic writing and using some really excellent connectives and vocabulary choices
  • Benet (Pine) for being fantastic in netball and always being such a solid and reliable member of our class
  • Elise (Sycamore) for working incredibly hard and producing a fabulous piece of writing
  • Mark (Sycamore) for demonstrating his very good manners and for some excellent writing